My surname is a top-level domain. So I bought and started writing posts on my own page. Remember when the internet wasn't entirely contained inside 4 or 5 sites owned by quasi-fascist tech billionaires? A golden era that we didn't appreciate I reckon. I'm aware how curmudgeonly that makes me sound. Have a click around anyway?

Surfing the 'net

The technology that builds the internet has improved so much, even in my (relatively) short career. So much of that improvement has been a Good Thing™; the accessibility, speed, reliability and functionality are, truly, better. But the negative side the 'net can't be ignored. The power that the big sites have politically and culturally, the 'echo chambers' on certain platforms that amplifies abhorrent views like white supremacy, the conspiracy theorists running wild... these are very real problems.

The web can still be used for good

I don't have any grand solutions. But I do love making websites that bring back simplicity and individuality while taking advantage of all the new developments to help make a better society. I believe the web can play a positive role in our future, but it will take work.

You can see what kind of things I build and work on here, and things I write and think about here.

Latest posts

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