I'm a developer

🏄‍♂️ On The Web

also I do other things!

I don't want to reduce my purpose to a single skillset around the development of things for the web. But, here we are.

I've worked for about 8 years on a wide range of web and backend projects. Currently I work for a media company in Melbourne and dabble with random things (like this Eleventy static site) in my spare time.

the behind the scenes stuff #

AWS (EC2, S3, roles, EKS), Docker & K8s, Apache, nGinx, Stripe api

the meat and potatoes #

PHP, JS, node, react, drupal, kirby, shopify integrations, PWA development

the cherries on top #

html, css, also js, sketch, wireframes, emails

the human #

project leading, design, testing, ux testing, marketing & comms, surveys, talking, observing, reading

reach me #

at [email protected]

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