WIP - just attempting to catalogue useful coding resources from beginner to advanced for my and others use.


mimo #
Duolingo style basic phone app for learning code.

Codecademy #
I did a few hours of the intro stuff years back and it was clean and pleasant for basic markup and code learning.

Udemy #
Udemy is a paid online education option. I've not used it, but heard OK things. More in-depth stuff to be found here.

YouTube (various) #

There's just so much good stuff on youtube, but it can be hard to find and depend on what you're doing. I'd suggest looking for things on a per topic basis, and trying a few different videos to see what you like. Always follow along with a code-editor of your own so you can pause + test things.

Books (various) #

Again, just soo many available. I've only personally dabbled with the O'Reilly books (Javascript: The Good Parts). Shop around.

Khan Academy #
Lot's of content, well respected. Free? Yeah I think free.

Just DIY until you get stuck and then google #

Nothing beats just opening a code editor (I use VSCode + Sublime Text 3), and trying to build your own site. Save your code in commits to Github/others with Git. Make it look nice, fill it with content in a topic and don't be embarassed. Then try and host it somewhere: GitHub Pages, AWS S3, Digital Ocean, whatever. Improve the deployment flow, make it easy to push new content to. Automate things. Put a CDN in front of it, host it on a custom domain name you own. Learn as you go.


The things I use and find useful. If I need them frequently perhaps you might too. I'm going to organise things here properly soon.

Design sites #


Front End #

Terminal commands #

Etc #

reach me #

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